Summer’s about to get even hotter with a brand new FREE live music event in Chelmsford on Saturday 11th of August!

Don’t miss Bond Street Beats! Hosted by Radio Essex DJ Tracie Young.

Enjoy a 5-hour family-friendly music extravaganza, surrounded by designer shops, top restaurants and stylish bars!

The Baby Cafe from 24th July 24/07 and running every other Tuesday at 10am.

There will be a 10 min Nursery Advice chat every time we hold a Baby Cafe from a Nursery Partner. Then the mums will be left to chat, mingle and make friends.

The Ellis Brigham sale is now on.

Visit www.ellis-brigham.com/sale and grab a bargain!

If you come up to The Place to Eat, you’re sure of a big surprise!

Join us on the 29th August for our Teddy Bears Picnic.

Newmarket Racecourses' horse-drawn carriage to visit Chelmsford on the 27 June with hundreds of pounds worth of prizes for the public to win, to celebrate the arrival of The Moet & Chandon July Festival next month!

The Summer of Sport at the Bond Street Bowl this July. Come and watch Wimbledon Live on the Big Screen at Bond Street and enjoy fresh Tiptree strawberries, sparkling Pimms and a great atmosphere as the tennis excitement builds.

We’re really excited to launch this new family festival packed full of music, art, dance, culture, science, heritage, river events and more. We hope to bring the streets of Chelmsford alive with a host of entertaining activities which will spill into a week-long, city wide programme of art & cultural events.

Ferrari 70th Anniversary Parade

Crowds flocked to Bond Street Chelmsford on Saturday 22nd July 2017 to watch the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Parade.